Managing Our Money
Managing Our Money

Which banking and personal finance apps do AM employees rely on to simplify their lives?

Nicole Levin, Senior Content Manager
I use the Bank of America app. It's great to be able to check my accounts on my phone. I also like that I can deposit checks using the app; I very rarely have to go to the actual bank.

Darren LaSorte, SVP/Account Service
I use Bank of America to electronically deposit checks. This kind of technology has saved millions of man hours through the years because people no longer have to take 45 minutes out of their day to deposit a single check. I also use PayPal and Venmo as an easy way to transfer money to friends, receive rent payments and that sort of thing.

Collin Davis, SVP/Development Operations
Apple Pay, Mint, Chase and Citi are each valuable for their respective purposes: Apple Pay for making payments without having to dig around for my wallet, Mint to keep a bird's-eye view on all finances, Chase and Citi for individual account money/credit updates.

James Parsons, Showrunner
I personally use the American Express app, which allows me to manage and maintain my finances on the go. I have an exceedingly busy lifestyle, where I can lose track of my payments and spending methods since going home at 6 p.m. and checking an online bank account from my home computer is almost never an option. I've come to a point where I channel most of my spending through them simply to consolidate most of my finances into one application instead of multiple.

Nathan Raglin, Director of Photography
I use Albert to track spending and manage my budget, and it comes with the added perk of automatic self-billing for savings based on spending and income.



Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Credit Karma. Bank of America's app is easy to navigate and provides quick access to all of my accounts. Wells Fargo's app is great for checking the balance of my home mortgage, with statements quickly accessible. Credit Karma allows me to quickly check my credit scores from TransUnion and Equifax. Credit Karma also provides insight on what I can do to improve my credit scores.

Mike Dennehy, EVP/Corporate Technology
I use my bank app, which is Allegiance Credit Union, for paying my bills. I have logins for every credit card or bill I have, so I can keep track of everything happening with charges and payments. I don't, however, use a true finance app to manage my finances, as I feel I can do that myself.

Joshua McNear, Digital Asset Technician/Assistant Editor
BancFirst’s online banking, the Capital One app and Qapital are all helpful for keeping track of balances and statements, and Qapital is excellent for saving and setting financial goals.

Annie Davenport, Strategist
NerdWallet, Mint and HerMoney. I haven't had a lot of training on how to invest or approach my finances in a way that potentially makes me more money. By educating myself and staying in check with these apps/blogs, I'm able to change my mindset about money being solely for transactions.

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