Interview: Dave Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Metta Sport
Interview: Dave Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Metta Sport

On eSports, Gaming & Twitch

Metta Sport is a global leader in sports programming for broadcast, digital and mobile platforms. The company licenses exclusive live rights for over 2,000 events per year across 30+ traditional sports with significant focus on eSports (LoL, Dota2, CS:GO, FIFA, Rocket League, PUBG, more).

We sat down with Dave Smith, founder and managing director, to learn more about his business:

AM: Can you tell us more about Metta Sport?

Dave: Metta Sport is an international media rights, content distribution and brand consulting firm focused in eSports company. The firm has been a leader in growing eSports presence on mainstream media platforms globally.


AM: What is the state of eSports and gaming today?

Dave: Exciting, growing and full of mind-boggling possibility. But also confusing and fragmented, with no perfect roadmap to navigate.


AM: How big of a role does Twitch play in this ecosystem?

Dave: Twitch is the unquestionable leader, without a true competitor (outside of China) at this stage. Twitch has played an outsized role in dictating how eSports content is presented and how brands connect with viewers. As every meaningful metric continues to rise (audience, hours consumed, revenues, etc.), we are seeing more platforms entering the space and growing their presence (Mixer, Caffeine, others). There is certainly space for a Twitch alternative.


AM: Do you believe brands should take an integrated role as they engage in Twitch or simply advertise?

Dave: The key buzzword for any marketing effort within eSports is “authenticity,” for good reason. ESports fans have a strong BS detector. There is evidence that fans appreciate sponsorship of their favorite, fledgling passion but only if seen as additive to the ecosystem. An integrated and consistent approach from brands is key to connect with the teams, fans, events and influencers.

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