An Interview with AM’s Ashley Ball
An Interview with AM’s Ashley Ball

On the LoyalTV series for BancFirst

BancFirst is a local Oklahoma bank that makes the promise “Loyal to Oklahoma, Loyal to You.” The brand’s online platform, BancFirstTV, features regional videos from across the state that make good on that promise, including the weekly series, LoyalTV. We sat down with AM Executive Creative Director Ashley Ball to learn more about it.

AM: Please tell us about the LoyalTV series. What’s it about? Who is featured?

ASHLEY: LoyalTV is a series that celebrates each of the communities that BancFirst has branches in across the state. Each week we visit a new town and tell a new story, highlighting the past, present or future of another little corner of Oklahoma. We call them “the best Oklahoma stories you’ve never heard.”


AM: Why would a bank tell stories about Oklahoma?

ASHLEY: It’s a great way of showing their customers and potential customers (and just their neighbors in general) that the tagline “Loyal to Oklahoma, Loyal to You” is more than just words. We care deeply about the communities we are in, and we want to share their stories with the world.


AM: How do you find your stories and subjects?

ASHLEY: We work with our partners at BancFirst to identify the communities we want to feature, then do all sorts of digging to find stories that will appeal not only to locals, but to viewers from across Oklahoma.

We have spent time with Bob Blackburn at the Oklahoma History Museum, we scour local news websites and social media, we call local museums. Whatever it takes to find compelling, relatively bite-sized stories that have a moment in them that cause you to say – wow, I didn’t know that. Thus, the best Oklahoma stories you’ve never heard!


AM: Why do you think it’s important to tell these stories?

ASHLEY: Twofold: obviously it’s important for the brand to continue to cement its Loyalty narrative by telling local stories that no one else is telling. But for everyone involved, it’s become a bit of a mission to keep improving on these great little stories – there’s a lot of satisfaction for everyone involved in the show that we get such great feedback from the communities themselves. Some of the Facebook comments are amazing and, in some cases, quite moving. It’s a win-win!


AM: Is there a particular LoyalTV story or interview that resonated with you?

ASHLEY: I’ve dug every single one so far, but the piece we did on the NASA scientists recruited from SWOSU in Weatherford, Oklahoma, who went on to play critical roles in the moon landing, was a particular favorite. Such a great story. We could make a feature on that one – and others!


AM: What’s next for LoyalTV? Is there anything coming up on LoyalTV that we should look for?

ASHLEY: I don’t want to give away any surprises – then they wouldn’t be the best stories you’ve never heard! Suffice to say the next one out could prove very “clucky.” I’ll leave it at that.

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