An Interview with AM’s Joe Busch
An Interview with AM’s Joe Busch

On the “Connections” Series for INTEGRIS

Connections” for INTEGRIS is a collection of episodes celebrating the human moments we all share – moments that illustrate what INTEGRIS means when it says it is here For you. For health. For life. We sat down with Joe Busch, director of photography and editor for Ackerman McQueen, to learn more about his work on this important project.

AM: Please tell us about your work for INTEGRIS.

JOE: I have worked off and on with INTEGRIS for 4 years, telling stories of patients and wellness. It helps center me in this rapidly-changing, hectic world we live in. The stories are reminders that we are not bullet-proof, and sometimes it just makes sense to step out of our own protective shells to help others in dire need.


AM: One series in particular tells extraordinary success stories among INTEGRIS patients. Can you tell us about “Connections?”

JOE: When people learn that their lives are going to change dramatically, they are often left with a definite void or a gap between the life they were currently living and the life they are expected to carry out. The series "Connections" identifies a solution to fill in the gap, serving as a bridge to make the transition to their new life as easy as possible.


AM: Why do you think it is important to tell these stories?

JOE: With the advancement in medicine these days, people need to realize that what used to be a "death sentence" is often now just a bump in the road. Add the compassionate staff of INTEGRIS to the mix, and you're probably looking at a new lease on life, and in most cases a better life than before!


AM: Who do you think should be watching these stories, and what do you hope they get from viewing them?

JOE: Everyone needs to watch these stories. As I mentioned earlier, it's important for everyone to take a step back and check in with themselves on a human level. In video production we often use music and slow-mo as a device to facilitate this for the viewer, but the reality is we shouldn't have to. If you really drill down through these stories, you will find that our most basic need as humans is connection.


AM: Is there a particular episode in the series that stood out to you?

JOE: I was really touched by episode 3 featuring Jason Henley and Greg Hall. Greg needed a kidney and Jason, the unassuming UPS driver, gave it to him.


AM: How do you think this series reflects on INTEGRIS?

JOE: Towards the end of our interviews, our subjects always give credit to God for their success stories. While I believe this to be true, I also believe that the staff at INTEGRIS should be given a significant amount of credit for saving their lives also. Sometimes we forget that these people are just like you and me. They probably have bad days or don't always feel like going to work or have other things (distractions) outside of work, but you would never know it. Their commitment to each and every patient is ALWAYS there, and while “Connections” shows that, it doesn’t always say it directly.


AM: Is there anything new in the works for Connections? When are where can we see it?

JOE: We just finished shooting episode 7 with a wonderful breast cancer survivor, Robyn Watanabe. Despite her battle with cancer, she is committed to feeding the homeless on Sunday mornings. She and her husband Clyde have not missed a Sunday in eight years! This will go live on in October, so look for it there.

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