What Do We Really Want Our Cars to Do for Us?
What Do We Really Want Our Cars to Do for Us?

AM weighs in on self-driving cars, automation and safety features.

Tom Richardson, EVP Director of Digital Technologies
I trust technology to drive cars far more than I trust drivers. Computers do not become distracted by passengers, phone notifications or most driving conditions. The sooner we can have a majority of cars on the road being driven in an automated manner the sooner our roadways will be both safer and less congested without the need for further road construction.

Collin Davis, SVP Development Operations
Ideally I'd like two options available: a non-automated anything car to have fun with and a fully automated car for commuting. I would 100% trust a car that completely drives itself, especially if the other idiots on the road were in them.

Darren LaSorte, SVP Account Service
I'd like them to fix themselves. That would be nice. I will never trust cars or trucks that drive themselves. My human-driven car/truck will be pried from my cold, dead rear end.

Debby Johnson, EVP Strategy & Planning
I hate to drive and have always hated to do so. Even so, I am cautious about the possibility of self-driving cars even though it's inevitable. I do like recent features like self-correcting for lanes, lights for blind spots, automatic braking if someone stops quickly, cruise control correcting for traffic, etc. I’d love a car that parallel parked itself.



Jesse Davison, SVP/Associate Creative Director
I would like for vehicles to mirror traffic lights somewhere on the dashboard. For those times when you cannot see when the light turns green because the sun is your line of sight. You wouldn’t need to stare toward the sun to know when it’s safe to go. Also, this is MY idea. DO NOT STEAL IT. Traffic Light Dash Cam ©2019. Also, I would never fully trust a car that drives itself.

Jeff Minson, Financial Analyst
I am comfortable with current technology that monitors pressures, fluids etc. The accident avoidance features are nice, but I currently don’t have them on my vehicles. I could not trust auto driving until 70% of vehicles have the right technology. Plus the roads need to be maintained and properly marked for the auto drive to work at its best.

Mike Dennehy, EVP Corporate Technology
For me safety is the biggest concern. Collision prevention systems are most important to me. Car system integration with my phone so I don’t have to touch my phone to keep up with calls and texts would be my next priority. Yes, I do believe I would trust a self-driving car, but I don’t believe they are quite there. That said, it won’t be long now.

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