What Keeps Us Engaged With Our Alma Maters?
What Keeps Us Engaged With Our Alma Maters?

None of us said cold calls.

Kari Griffith, Traffic Director
I follow OU & JayMac, the Journalism Alumni group. I enjoyed seeing how OU treats their admissions letters; they turned them into cute little confetti boxes. #OUBound.

Nicole Levin, Senior Content Manager
I follow my alma mater (University of Oklahoma) on all social media platforms, and I also receive emails and mail. I still find emails to be the most effective since their social media posts can sometimes get buried. Content-wise, I especially enjoy following information about the organizations I was involved in – the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, JayMac and Sooner Yearbook.

Mark Ackerman, VP Account Supervisor
I follow the Facebook page for my high school because it’s pretty active with news and updates about my classmates.

Debby Johnson, EVP Strategy & Planning
Harvard Magazine is well-written, and it’s fun to see what others I knew there are doing. I also look at their digital site, and I still do interviewing for them in Oklahoma for students.



Dean Wilhite, Senior Art Director
I'm on the board of advisors. I went to school in Okmulgee, OK at OSUIT. I was invited to come back to the Visual Communications department to sit on the board of advisors. We gather at least once a year to go over the curriculum with the teaching staff and suggest improvements. Followed up with a portfolio review of the near to graduate students.

I donate to the sports program (mostly so I can get football tickets) ... and I give back to the scholarship funds that I received when I was in college. I respond well to the notes from current students who have received a scholarship, in part, due to my contributions.

Joshua McNear, Digital Assistant Technician, Assistant Editor
I am still in touch with my alma mater, mostly engaged with alumni events, social media meetups and update videos.

Tim Herr, Senior Copywriter
I follow my graduate college more closely than any institution relating to my undergraduate university. I like to hear about faculty publications and grants, large donations (especially those that fund new programs or scholarships) and career stories from alumni.

Chelsey McKnight, SVP Strategy
Having students from my specific college or field of study (business college, etc.) call to tell me about their current experience at the university has been very effective.

Courtney Pielsticker, Senior Strategist, Audience Engagement
I mostly follow football-related content only (but especially in IG stories).

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