Following for Fitness
Following for Fitness

These are the influencers and websites AM employees rely on for fitness and wellness inspiration.

Ashley Ball, EVP/Executive Creative Director
I spend time at Concept 2 rowing machines (, because that's what I do (“erging” for short). It’s an online forum where you can exchange ideas and training plans with other rowers. It also features a logbook where you record your own workouts, and record times against people all around the world at your age and stage over various distances. I know it looks incredibly boring, but rowers are weirdos.

Jordan Underwood, Production Manager
@bjgaddour focuses on in home workouts and routines you don't need a gym membership for. @flavcity has healthy meal recipes and overall healthy shopping information, including a lot for keto and gluten-free lifestyles.

I follow a lot of "health at every size" yoga folk, like @curvyyoga and @mynameisjessamyn. I try to stay away from #fitfam hashtags because it puts me in a negative frame of mind on health and body acceptance.



Annie Davenport, Strategist
I follow @jillianmichaels and @theskinnyconfidential (and their podcasts) because they get into true detail about wellness.

Ryan Winkler-Herr, Managing Editor of Special Projects
I follow @ramsaywall. She is a dance/yoga/barre/Pilates instructor in Austin, and I take about seven of her classes every week. She posts her original routines, scheduling changes, special events and collaborations she does, and she absolutely radiates positivity and encouragement.

Kari Griffith, Traffic Director
@whitneyysimmons, I started with her meal plans, but she just has a cute personality so I still follow. 

Darren LaSorte, SVP/Development Operations
Pat McNamara (@tmacsinc) is a shooting/physical fitness coach. He's been there and done that in the military and is exceptionally capable from a physical perspective as a 53-year-old. He provides plenty of ideas for new workout activities on his Instagram account. One of his favorite lines for the old guys like me is "motion is lotion," contending that the worst thing for anyone is to become inactive.

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