We Watch Women’s Sports
We Watch Women’s Sports

AM is as tuned in as the rest of the world, and not just for the World Cup.

In an internal survey of AM team members, 50 percent of respondents said they followed at least one women’s sport. Those that did not generally stated that they either didn’t follow sports in general or didn’t have time, and only 4 percent felt that women’s sports were less exciting than men’s counterparts (and generally only regarding basketball). Some responses from our more avid fans:

Nader Tavangar
EVP, Managing Director

I am very into women's tennis. It's the only sport women are truly on equal scale with the men in terms of recognition. Who won the last WNBA championship? Exactly.

Yes, Americans pay attention to the women's soccer team because they've been good, but look at Serena, Steffi Graff, Sharapova, and now newcomers like Sloane and the recent sensation of Coco Gauff. Recognition beyond every 4 years, beyond a team. It's the person. And they're being followed with the same intensity as Nadal and Djokovic, and Federer. The pay is equal, too. $3.85 million for men’s and women's singles per player in the U.S. Open, £2.25 million GBP per player men’s and women's in Wimbledon.

Ashley Ball
EVP, Executive Creative Director

I follow tennis (always have, many great Aussie champions). Surfing. (Pam Burridge, say no more) Rugby Union and Rugby League. International Netball. International softball. College softball. Equestrian.

Bruce Parks
EVP, Creative Director

We all watch the Women's World Cup, like most everyone. My daughter is a very good defender, and sometimes I think she loves watching the defense more than the offense.



Preston Darley
SVP, User Experience & Design
I follow Invicta Fighting Championships (women's MMA) because I like to see which female fighters are up and coming and making their way to the UFC.

Debby Johnson
EVP, Marketing

I did watch USA Soccer because it was fun, but I don't enjoy women's basketball (too slow). I think softball is a deadly game to watch.

Mike Galloway
Art Director

Only USA Women's Soccer. I follow it because 1. I love soccer 2. The female soccer team is much more exciting to watch than the men.

Joshua McNear
Digital Asset Technician and Audio Tech

I follow the Women's World Cup, Oklahoma Sooners Women's Softball and Oklahoma Women's Basketball. Fan of the US World Cup team's skill and an alumni of OU and enjoy watching their games for their display of skill.

Brent Whitsett
Art Director

Mostly I watch women's Winter Olympic sports. I’m not a huge sports guy to begin with, but I do enjoy the Winter Olympics.

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