AM Supports Local
AM Supports Local

Our favorite local shops and eats in Texas, Oklahoma and some other gems we’ve discovered in our travels.

Chester Campbell
Sr. Interactive Developer
I have had wonderful experiences with two local businesses for work on my house. Legends Roofing and Legacy Plumbing. Legends helped us when we had a small roof leak over the kitchen. Their project manager came out and walked the roof and discovered some areas that needed extra caulking. That took care of the problem. A few months later we had a bad hail storm and used Legends to do the replacement. They made the process incredibly easy. Legacy Plumbing saved us when we went down a rabbit hole with another local plumbing shop that was bought out mid-project by another shop. We were very unhappy with the work they did (that didn't fix the problem). Legacy stepped in and fixed our issues and didn't try to sell us a bunch of services we didn't need.

Bob Harstad
EVP, Account Management
The Heat. Great Chicago style pizza. Plus it's a younger couple from Edmond, who run it and they are great. They truly represent that the American dream is still alive and well.

Brandon Winkler
Hank's Coffee Shop - great atmosphere and neighborhood.

Shea Hussey
Taco Nation. Best tacos in town hands down. Good Times in Oklahoma City is also great. Love the vibe, the culture, the food, and the people.

Tuck Oden
Associate Creative Director
Shawarma and Co. The first real Lebanese style Shawarma in OKC. And it's delicious. Not much of a website though.

Lisa Lavelle
I really enjoy a coffee and tea place near me called Babble.

Kari Griffith
Traffic Director
Apple Tree Chocolate in Norman, OK. They are friends of mine and they make chocolate. Enough said. But in addition to that, they are also involved with the community and support fundraisers for non-profits.

Ryan Winkler Herr
Managing Editor of Special Projects
Book People in Austin is fantastic. I love to go there and just wander around the books. They host incredible authors to speak, feature local artists and writers and have story hours for the kids. I love to just go there and wander. Also speaking of book stores: Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar in Asheville is unbelievably cool. Lots of rare books that you can peruse while drinking wine. It doesn’t get better.

Joshua McNear
Digital Asset Technician & Audio Tech
I'm biased, but I like my Dad's restaurant - Western Sizzlin and Mackie's Steakhouse.

Abygail Thompson
Digital Producer
I really like Cuppies and Joe in Oklahoma City.

Dean Wilhite
Senior Art Director
Katybugs. Family owned spot to pick up a hot cocoa when it’s cool out or a shaved ice for the summer.

AM Supports Local

Al Corey
Senior Digital Producer
I am a fan of Suburban Screen Printing in Dallas. Good quality, local, reliable.

Debby Johnson
EVP, Marketing
Black Scintilla is fun. Also love CommonPlace books. In both cases, I like the quality of their merchandise, variety of merch and customer service.

Bruce Parks
EVP, Creative Director
My wife loves Parkhill Liquor. They have an unbelievable selection, and the two gentlemen who work there know exactly what wine Jennifer's discerning palate is looking for in most any instance.

Preston Darley
SVP User Experience & Design
I like Rudolph's Meat Market in Dallas.

Melanie Montgomery
EVP, Management Supervisor
The Artichoke Restaurant at Grand Lake. These proprietors are in such a small town and their food would hold up in Dallas!

Bryce Ewy
Copywriter/Director of Partnerships
DNA Galleries. Fun cards, art and gifts
Dig It. Obscure jewelry, clothes and accessories
Sauced On Paseo. Great pizza by the slice, drinks on the patio, live music, poetry nights.

Collin Davis
SVP, Development Operations
Toy Maven. They provide the best service and make my daughter feel like the most important person in the world when she's there.

Jason Wilson
Camera Operator, Time Lapse Cinematographer, Editor
I frequent the Mule in the Plaza District in OKC. It’s only two blocks from my house, and I have been going there for 7 years. The people are the best.

Lacey Cremer
EVP, Account Management
The Malt Shop in Weatherford, Texas (outside of Dallas) still remains and has the best hamburgers, shakes and fries ... a must-stop when heading west.

Lael Erickson
EVP, Creative Director
DNA Galleries. Great retail featuring local artists.

Alexandra Bohannon
I love crunchy/hippie type local businesses. Can't not shout out to Red Cup on Classen. And The Earth Cafe in Norman is wonderful as well. To me, the authenticity at these places cannot be beat. Nowhere else feels like them. And a big chain couldn't replicate it.

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