Finding Balance
Finding Balance

What do AM employees do to let off steam when they’re not at work?

Nicole Levin
Senior Content Manager
I really enjoy taking fitness classes at the gym after work and on the weekends. Pilates, power circuit and aqua fit are my favorites. It's a great way to de-stress and escape.

Shea Hussey
Listen to really loud punk music while having a beer and painting or cooking. Shoot film photography and concerts. Yoga on Saturdays.

Lael Erickson
EVP/Creative Director
Garden, sing and work on home repairs.

Lacey Cremer
EVP/Account Management
Before work: Make our bed, pray, listen to music. After work: Work out, Netflix binge, walk the dog, cook. Weekends: Movies, church.

Ed Russell
Associate Creative Director
Make cars, play guitars, hang out at bars.

Preston Darley
SVP/User Experience & Design
I'll usually play PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). I'm competitive and play in tournaments from time to time as well.



Chester Campbell
Senior Interactive Developer
Target archery.

Alexandra Bohannon
Anything to get me outside (or at least physically active)! Skateboarding, camping, rock climbing, yoga and dorky stuff like hitting my friends with foam weapons.

Hillary Farrell
Vice-Chairman of the Board
Coffee, champagne and family time.

Collin Davis
SVP/Development Operations
I attend metal concerts frequently. Nothing quite decompresses you like jumping headlong into a sweaty, writhing mass of society's misfits.

Debby Johnson
Work out daily before work. Spin class, Pilates, BodyPump and back to the gym on weekends for yoga. I get very cranky when I don't work out—ask my husband.

Nader Tavangar
EVP/Managing Director
Drink beer and go to the gym. OrangeTheory for the gym. For beer, it depends—my go-to is Peroni, which sports a cool new design. They've slimmed the bottle to give it an overall appearance change that feels trim and fit with no formula change. It looks designed to compete with Ultra and the new 26.2 beer out of Boston. Sometimes it's a local VA IPA.

Dean Wilhite
Senior Art Director
I work on my minis, paint or hang with family and friends.

Tuck Oden
Associate Creative Director
Disconnect from work. Run. Play video games. Family outings. Woodworking/home improvement projects/fixing things. Cooking. Piano.

Jesse Davison
SVP/Associate Creative Director
Yardwork. Cuss. Woodwork.

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