Where We Go Slow
Where We Go Slow

AM employees share their slow travel bucket lists and experiences.

Amy Hearn, Executive Producer
I would LOVE to go to the Grand Canyon. In all of my work travels, it's one place that's eluded me.

One of my favorite road trips I have taken involved spreading my dad's ashes. We flew to Jackson Hole and had to figure out a new spot because my grandma wasn't going to be able to access the location he had wanted. So we were just driving and driving. I was tired and frustrated. Ready to just pull over and dump the ashes anywhere, and then coming out of a valley, we crested a hill and all gasped at the same time. We knew that was it. And lo and behold, it's a geological site – dad was a geologist. So we played a little Dylan, a little Marshall Tucker Band, and we said our goodbyes.

Nader Tavangar, EVP/Managing Director
My wife recently became an American citizen and we celebrated with a road trip from VA to FL. We took a casual route, stopping in Charlotte and Atlanta. We toured the GA aquarium. We stopped in GA for peaches. While in Florida, we made our way to see "Winter," the dolphin in Clearwater that has the prosthetic tail. On our way back, we took an alternate route through Charleston, SC.

Kari Griffith, Traffic Director
I have a tentative trip planned to head out to the East Coast to visit my father-in-law in North Carolina (20 HOURS!) We would stop at several southern towns along the way: Little Rock, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta. I've never been in that part of the U.S. So much Sweet Tea.

Tyler Petersen, Director of Episodic Programming
I'd like to travel east to west coast in a motorhome with my kid.



Brandon Winkler, CAO
I would love to drive from San Francisco to Napa to Portland to Seattle to Vancouver someday. I would also really like to do this by train.

Jesse Davison, SVP/Associate Creative Director
I would like to travel along what's left of Route 66. From Chicago to L.A.

Dean Wilhite, Senior Art Director
I've been on quite a few road trips. The best have been in classic Minis. I've driven to Florida from OKC three times. Adventures on each (that translates into broken along the way). I drove a Mini from Edmonton, Canada to Bend, Oregon and back. But the best might be the trip I made as navigator on a long trip from Portland, Oregon down the west coast to San Diego, California and back. That was pretty epic.



Shea Hussey, Photographer
Most of my bucket list involves road trips. I plan on taking a month or so off in the near future to go out west, up the 101 and into Canada while documenting the whole thing.

Tuck Oden, Associate Creative Director
Trains are my favorite, but I'm interested in using outdoorsy.com to sort of airbnb an RV and try RV life for a week or two.

Mike Galloway, Art Director
1. California. My wife and kids have never seen the Pacific. We would hit the new Star Wars land at Disneyland AND San Diego Comic Con. Drive back through the Grand Canyon and Roswell, NM. 2. PNW. I've only been once. I would love to hit Vancouver and drive up through Banff. 3. New England in the fall/early winter. NH, Vermont...

Debby Johnson, EVP/Marketing
Best road trip was through the Canadian Rockies. I actually had to close my eyes at one point to absorb all the beauty I was seeing. It was spectacular.

Preston Darley, SVP/User Experience & Design
I've always considered traveling for concerts. Creating a road trip to see my favorite artists in different cities.

Ashley Ball, EVP/Executive Creative Director
My wife-to- be and I drove from L.A. to D.C., D.C. to Savannah, then Savannah to OK, that was an epic one and pretty awesome. I would recommend Hwy 550 from Durango to Ouray in CO, that is one of the most spectacular drives I have ever done, especially when there is some snow on the ground. I've done the Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to San Fran, that is absolutely beautiful. And I used to love driving across the Arbuckles but now it looks like a Star Wars set.

Melanie Montgomery, EVP/Management Supervisor
I love to go anywhere in the Texas Hill Country. It’s beautiful accessible and authentic.

Bryce Ewy, Copywriter
I think a road trip along the West Coast would be wonderful. I would want to see mountains, forests, the ocean, if I'm spending a large amount of time in the car.



Jeanette Elliott, EVP/Creative Director
Bentonville, AR is a good road trip to take from OKC. Rewarding scenery, 21c Museum Hotel and the Museum.

Collin Davis, SVP/Development Operations
Bucket list road trip: Following the Trans-Siberian Railway route, from London to Vladivostok, in a Lada.

Best road trip done: A friend and I circumnavigated Ireland on motorcycles in one week (first time ever driving on the wrong side of the road). It was the greatest and most terrifying trip I've done.

Jason Wilson, Camera Operator/Timelapse Cinematographer/Editor
I want to go to Kodiak Island and be dropped off by float plane at one of the hunting cabins and hang out with the bears for a few weeks.

Lacey Cremer, EVP/Account Management
Several years ago, my husband and I took a Texas road trip to Midland/Odessa (so much oil), Monahans (the sand dunes), Marfa (all things hipster), Alpine (brewery), Fredericksburg (cowboy hats), Luckenbach (dance hall), San Antonio (Pearl Brewery turned Emma hotel), Waco (because Dr. Pepper and Chip/Joanna) and back to Dallas. Texas has so many different terrains, beautiful places to see, fabulous people and quaint small towns. Sometimes seeing your own state is just as fun as visiting another.

Lael Erickson, EVP/Creative Director
I want to take the VIA train trip from Halifax to Vancouver. I’d stay as long as possible in Banff. I would also like to drive the Alaskan highways from Haines to Prudhoe Bay.

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