AM Insights Podcast: Episode 5
AM Insights Podcast: Episode 5

The road less traveled with photographer Shea Hussey & senior art director Dean Wilhite

We’re taking the road less traveled on this episode of AM Insights. Joining me is returning guest Dean Wilhite and new guest Shea Hussey. Our topic? Slow travel.

The travel industry is worth about $1.1 trillion. Yet has the market woken up to the fact that some people want to travel a different way? A slower way?

So, in this episode, we discuss our guests’ experience with slow travel, how they look at traveling as a philosophy and what brands could do better to serve the slow traveler. Of course, we have lots of great media recommendations if you want to keep exploring the topic after you push stop.

1:13 – “Our goal is to never take a major highway.”

3:06 – Landmarks on Route 66.

5:51 – Slow travel for an artist is the only way to go.

6:54 – Traveling together for work.

10:17 – Gearing the tourism industry for slow travelers.

13:10 – Influencers and tourism.

15:23 – Motorcycles and Minis.

19:35 – Media recommendations for slow travel.

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