Part I: My Thanksgiving Break, by Patrick
Part I: My Thanksgiving Break, by Patrick

The first of five chapters of Rancho Recuerdos

Mrs. Armstrong’s 1988-89 Kindergarten Class
December 3, 1990
Transcribed by Ms. “Kitty” Olson, Teacher’s Assistant

TEACHER: Everybody please give Patrick a round of applause!


TEACHER: Thank you! Okay, listening ears, everyone. Go ahead Patrick, tell us about your Thanksgiving.

PATRICK: Um so my whole family goed to the biggest place in the desert for Thanksgiving.

TEACHER: Wow. Does this place have a name?

PATRICK: Yeah. It’s called wancho.

TEACHER: Wancho?


TEACHER: Oh, Rancho?

PATRICK: Yeah. Wancho.

TEACHER: Tell us what it was like.

PATRICK: Um it was like next to the biggest mountains and it had like sheeps and goats and donkeys and even turkeys – I mean, I mean peacocks – and even like TWENTY BUNNIES.

TEACHER: Wow, really?


TEACHER: Where was it?

PATRICK: Mexico.


PATRICK: No, no –– I mean New Mexico.

TEACHER: That is so neat! Who was there?

PATRICK: Like, um, my whole family. But not my daddy’s family, just like my mommy’s family, like her mommy and daddy and my aunt Rachel and uncle Kyle and my other aunts and uncles and ALL my cousins.

TEACHER: What sort of things did you do while you were there?

PATRICK: We just did so many things. We played by the river, we went exploring, we did puzzles and played games, but they don’t even have a TV there. And on the last day SANTA EVEN COMED!


PATRICK: Yeah! But it wasn’t even like um Christmas yet but he um, he um he just got lost.

TEACHER: Oh I see. What was your favorite part?

PATRICK: Ummmm. After the parents let us get up from the thanksgiving, we got to look at the HUGEST stars. And we made a fire. And I collected so many rocks. Look!


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