Our Holiday Traditions
Our Holiday Traditions

An AM survey

Holly Wyant – VP of Audience Engagement
For Christmas we always do a second dinner that we've labeled as "Crab Night," where we do a large crab/shrimp boil on the back patio, create mystery appetizers to eat while we're cooking and drink copious amounts of wine. One year even involved taking oyster shots out of salt shot glasses. It usually gets pretty interesting.

Abygail Thompson – Digital Producer
Christmas Eve! Every Christmas Eve my family (including extended family) goes to a hibachi steak house followed by an evening driving around town looking at Christmas lights. Nothing says Christmas to me more than our group of 28 crammed around a table watching that volcano onion.

Heather Barger – Senior Account Executive
Decorating the house for Christmas on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We make a day out of it and do it as a family. We drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas carols all day long. It is just good family time together that I would not trade for anything.

Tuck Oden – Associate Creative Director
Every year, just after Thanksgiving, we get out all the extensive Lionel Train set and set up a new track around the Christmas tree. Then I spend most evenings between then and Christmas troubleshooting it.

Melanie Montgomery
Christmas stockings! They sometimes are more special than the gifts. We draw names so you never know who will stuff your stocking!

Amy Hearn – VP/Executive Producer
We sing grace in four-part harmony before every meal at large family gatherings. It doesn't matter if we're at home or at a restaurant, we sing grace. When we celebrated my grandparents’ 60th anniversary, we were in a somewhat private room at a restaurant and we sang grace before dinner. When we were done, the patrons applauded us! This happened on a Mother's Day at a different restaurant. Going through my phone, I found 8 different voice memos from various holidays of our grace. My uncle has a lot of them as videos on Facebook so it's a tradition that is special to many in my family.



Jesse Davison – Associate Creative Director
We really love all the holidays for different reasons, but no real long-standing traditions. I recently learned that we're known by some in our neighborhood as "the Halloween house" because we're the only house at the end of a cul-de-sac and it sits lower in elevation. So when we use the fog machine, the fog settles in a bowl and makes it spooky. Also, we give out full-size candy bars, which makes us popular. Really, it's our strategy to run out of candy sooner.

Debby Johnson – EVP Marketing
My grown kids (and their spouse and fiancee) make and braid challah with me and also come over each year for holiday (combo Hanukkah and Christmas) cookie baking. It's fun to watch how each of us uses the same challah dough to make very different looking challahs, from An's perfectly braided challah, to Rachel's mini loaves, to Jesse's big loaves, my round challahs and Dan's chef's specials. We also love baking cookies together for the holidays. They are all better decorators than I am. I mostly just love the time together, laughing and enjoying each other in the kitchen. (And my husband, Joe, loves eating everything we make.)

Tyler Petersen – Director of Episodic Programming
Growing up, my parents had this guest sign-in book that during every holiday, no matter who you were or where you lived, you had to sign it. As a kid I remember it being annoying but now when we go to my parents for any holiday, it's out obviously for us to sign but it's now fun to go back and see who signed years ago.

Collin Davis – SVP/Digital Operations
Our family gets together in entirety either Thanksgiving or Christmas of every year. We are scattered across the country and rarely get to all be together in one place at the same time, but we always coordinate to have one holiday per year together.

Kevin Barrett – Senior Art Director of Animation
Every year at Christmas my wife, daughter and myself pick out an ornament for that year. When we decorate the tree, we talk about Christmas past with each ornament of that year.

Bill Winkler – CFO
At the end of Christmas Day, after all the gifts are exchanged and the turkeys are eaten, we usually have a family party followed by the Christmas movie. Everyone still standing at the end of the big day heads out to AMC, and we usually have the whole theater to ourselves.

Jill Powell – Media Buyer
My favorite holiday tradition would be baking during Christmas time with my mom and grandma.

Ryan Winkler Herr – Managing Editor of Special Projects
We get together with my brother, my sister-in-law, my mom and stepdad and all the kids therein to watch “Christmas Vacation” every year. We get merry on awful Pennsylvania Dutch spiked eggnog, and we always stop the movie when Aunt Bethany shows up with her gift-wrapped cat and do a round of Dirty Santa.

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