Passing on Our Holiday Memories
Passing on Our Holiday Memories

An AM Survey

Debby Johnson, EVP Marketing
Passover is the tradition we've carried over my childhood. As a kid, my sisters and I each got to invite a non-Jewish friend to our seder to learn about the ritual and enjoy the meal. We still do that. Our new tradition is my (Christian) husband’s side of the family flies in for Passover every year from Michigan, because they enjoyed it so much the first time. They help me make all the special holiday dishes. It's something we all look forward to.

Dean Wilhite, Senior Art Director
I will be reading The Night Before Christmas to my new grandson every year right before Christmas. This was something my father-in-law did when the family gathered for Thanksgiving.

Collin Davis, SVP Operations
Every year my mom would always put a bag of pistachios and a container of beef jerky in the Christmas stockings of my brother and I. I have continued that tradition with my daughter, even though she can't stand either pistachios or beef jerky! She especially enjoys having this tradition since my mom passed, it's a tangible reminder and link to her grandma.

Holly Wyant, VP of Audience Engagement
Growing up we were always able to open one gift on Christmas Eve - we have married that with the Elf on the Shelf tradition where we allow the kids to open the gift specifically left by our elf, which is always a new set of matching Christmas PJs and slippers for the entire family.

Tyler Petersen, Director of Episodic Programming
A family tradition that has been carried on that I don't like is waiting until everyone is awake and dressed for Christmas. This kills me.

Ryan Winkler Herr, Managing Editor of Special Projects
A couple of years ago, we started our own version of the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod, or “Yule Book Flood.” We exchange books on Christmas Eve with the kids and all spend some of the day with time out to read. As the kids get older and better at real reading, we hope this tradition grows deeper between us and gives us all a nice, peaceful stronghold in the eye of the holiday storm.



Kevin Barrett, Senior Art Director of Animation
Christmas, every year, my wife, daughter and myself pick out an ornament for that year. When we decorate the tree we talk about Christmas past with each ornament of that year.

Barbara Johnston, SVP and Management Supervisor
Every year I make a special date cookie recipe that I learned from my mother.

Tuck Oden, Associate Creative Director
Every year, just after Thanksgiving, we get out all of the extensive Lionel train set and set up a new track around the Christmas tree. Then I spend most evenings between then and Christmas troubleshooting it.

Jill Powell, Media Buyern
Decorating holiday cookies, making homemade fudge and homemade jam.

Heather Barger, Senior Account Executive
We have started new traditions in hosting annual parties for my kids’ friends for both Halloween and New Year’s Eve. They invite friends over, along with ours, and we all hang out playing games, watching movies, etc. While it is not strictly family, I feel like we have made a lot of friends that feel like family through the tradition of getting together every year.

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