AM Insights Podcast: Episode 6, Part One
AM Insights Podcast: Episode 6, Part One

Mark Steele, Owner of Mark Steele Creative

Now that the holidays are over, let’s take a moment to catch our breath. Many of us spent our holidays with our families, and for better or worse, family is one of the strongest ties that bind humans together.

On AM Insights, we’ve covered many facets of this theme already, but we’re about to take a deeper dive into it with our guest Mark Steele, the owner and founder of Mark Steele Creative. Mark has written two memoirs and teaches classes on how to chronicle family legacies.

This episode is such a deep dive that we’re actually splitting it into two parts. In Part 1, we discuss the importance of family stories and how to start to collecting them. We also go over making new family traditions and the real reason people don’t want to share stories of their legacies.



1:25 – Most people don’t take the time to unpack their family legacy until it is too late.
3:12 – “Give your family a name they can stand on and believe in.”
4:02 – Nine hours of stories.
6:03 – “When we know each other better, empathy grows.”
7:50 – How do you start these conversations without making it about … dying?
9:48 – Don’t ask for their entire life story.
11:24 – When you ask for that story, REALLY listen.
13:00 – How to make recording these stories not awkward.
15:05 – Mark’s best advice for instilling a sense of legacy.
17:24 – Making new family traditions.
20:16 – Capturing the stories (even if you’re not a writer).
21:00 – Using narrative structure to tell these stories.
22:25 – “Investigate yourself.”
24:30 – The reason most people don’t tell their legacy story.

Further Reading and Exploring from Part 1 and Part 2:

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