AM Insights Podcast: Episode 6, Part Two
AM Insights Podcast: Episode 6, Part Two

Mark Steele, Owner of Mark Steele Creative

Welcome back to the AM Insights podcast! In Part 1, I spoke with Mark Steele of Mark Steele Creative about how to tell family stories. But in Part 2, we examine how to start telling your story.

Sharing your personal story has a lot to do with honesty and authenticity. To that end, there are moments in this podcast where we discuss some difficult topics, and we wanted to make you aware of them ahead of time. At around 5:22, there is a brief mention of losing family members to suicide. And at 8:46 there is a discussion about how to document dark situations for families, like abuse.

Ultimately, we’re asking the big questions in this episode. How do you go about sharing your story? How do you build your legacy? What are some works of other people that could inspire you? Join us for these answers and more on the second episode of Family: The Ties That Bond.



0:53 – Many times journals aren’t valuable writing. Here’s why.
2:09 – You have to write the whole truth first.
2:50 – On writing about the worst moment in your life.
4:21 – You own your memories when you write them down.
7:55 – Unpacking the tough stuff.
8:46 – The dark times.
9:30 – Make sure you’re telling your story first.
11:00 – Dealing with family feuds (not the game show version).
13:36 – “The negative gains momentum when we refuse to investigate it.”
14:22 – Examples of how other people told their life stories.
16:52 – Stephen King’s On Writing.
19:00 – More memoirs and writing on family legacies.
21:15 – Thought leaders in the field of storytelling.
22:44 – Find and follow Mark Steele at @realmarksteele1.

Further Reading and Exploring from Part 1 and Part 2:

Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and InheritanceBird by Bird by Anne LamottTraveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith by Anne LamottBorn Standing Up by Steve MartinOn Writing by Stephen KingFlashbang by Mark SteeleBecoming by Michelle ObamaStory by Robert McKeeBrene Brown

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